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The Blaine Enterprise was created with the mission consultancy and advice in business development and management the result of a bold and current corporate vision.

Identification and evaluation of opportunities for different businesses in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Connect investors and bring together entrepreneurship and capital.

Focused results in profitability and return on investment in areas such as real estate, mining industry, agricultural projects, acquisition of companies and other promising projects.

Experience and knowledge that enables full role in the analysis and growth estimates and behavior of these markets.


Exploring the unexplored is a risky business, but rewarding one.

Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems. - Peter Drucker
The better we know to capture the reality, the better the quality of our results. - Robert Ringer

What we do

Our services building solid business.

Real Estates

Developing innovative solutions that create efficient alternative real estate investments for their clients. Intermediation with investors interested in investing in real estate.

Providing advice and management of corporate real estate projects, residential or commercial developments, supporting the development of these real estate projects, applying capital and / or investors interested in real estate assets of medium and long term to enable income and / or capital appreciation.

Possibilities for development of structured securitization transactions for the commercial real estate investment sector, which allow financial leverage to developments in real estate custom built "built-to-suit", or refinancing operations, by selling or selling owners used property with the rental option "sale-and-leaseback".

Expertise in investment projects with real estate developer and allotments, in order to develop residential projects.

Mining Concessions

Set of activities from planning to include the mineral extraction starting from obtaining by the state or private owners of the licenses and permits that allow the realization of exploration work for a certain time.

After obtaining the concession of mining work is directed to activities related to operation contemplating the responsibility to inform the region and amount of ore It will be extracted in the given period, establishing plans to dismantle materials when necessary, sizing of equipment to carry out the operations and transportation of these materials. Performing calculations considering costs and revenues for obtaining expected results.

Agricultural Projects

We are looking for investments in agricultural projects. We refine existing agricultural projects and we also advice on development of new projects. We are mainly focused on Africa and South America.

We are working with economic feasibility studies for agricultural projects. Supporting and planning of necessary investments resulting in higher yield for the investors and a future flow of goods and certain value services to achieve goals of business and social nature.

Acquisition of companies

Promote mergers of one or more companies resulting in new businesses or shopping companies by integrating other organizations, its operations, strategies and control capital.

What we normally see is that an acquirer company is higher than the acquired or merged. However, we also work on the incorporation of a larger company for a small company offering to obtain external financing resources.

We use market strategy studies, synergies, improve efficiency resource allocation or even lifting buying opportunities for companies values lower than the actual intrinsic value to support mergers and acquisitions.

Development consulting
and business management

It covers the Knowledge Management, Strategic Planning, Business Process Management and Management Budget, aimed at helping organizations achieve high performance and be one World Class company.

The activities are directed to the development of solutions in business management using support tools in the planning, implementation and verification of these actions oriented solutions.

Develops with the customer, from the culture and peculiarities of the organization's management, specific methodologies to enable it to achieve excellence consistently and effectively. Helping organizations work smarter and grow faster.

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